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Living Off-Campus

Living off-campus can be a fun and exciting time, but you should also be aware of your rights and your responsibilities as a tenant, roommate, neighbor, and community member. Make sure that you are also aware of your surroundings at all times and take all safety precautions to make sure you have a safe and healthy living experience off-campus. To download the latest version of the Off-Campus Living Guide, a comprehensive guide on how to have a successful off-campus living experience, visit the Non Resident (Off-Campus) Living Guide (PDF).

UiTM Non Rsident Management Unit (UPNR) is also a great resource. Not only can they provide free rental reviews, but they also offer free legal advice to current students who have legal questions regarding Landlord-Tenant Law and can assist with landlord-tenant issues. The Non Resident Management Unit (UPNR) is located at Kompleks Prima Siswa, UiTM ShaH Alam.

Make your off-campus living experience a memorable one. Take precautions, use common sense, and of course enjoy.

Common Problems

While living in your off-campus apartment/house, you may have questions about your rights, your landlord's responsibilities, which Non Resident (Off-Campus) Student Services and/or The Non Resident Management Unit (UPNR) can assist you with. You may, unfortunately, run into some problems or have issues that you are not quite sure how to deal with.UPNR and JPNR will work with you to help you come to a resolution.

Getting Repairs

Problems With Your Landlord