Things To Do & Questions To Ask When You Are Getting Ready To Sign A Agreement

  • Schedule an appointment with Non Resident Mangement Unit (UPNR) for your FREE Agreement Review and other legal concerns pertaining Off-Campus Housing. The UPNR is located at Kompleks Prima Siswa, UiTM Shah Alam.
    • Remember: Do not sign a lease without having the UPNR review the lease first!
  • Be aware of unenforceable agreement terms.
  • Make sure all verbal agreements made between tenant(s) and the landlord are put in writing within the agreement.
  • Once you sign the agreement, how much money does the landlord require up front?
    • Are you required to pay a deposit? If so, how much is the security deposit and when is it due? (Typically a deposit is equivalent to one month's rent).
    • When is the first month's rent due? (Some landlords ask for the first month's rent when signing the lease).
    • When is rent due each month (i.e. the first of every month).
    • Are there late fee charges for late rent?
  • What condition will the unit be in when it is time to move-in?
    • Will the walls be re-painted?
    • Will the carpets be steam-cleaned or replaced?
    • Will the locks be changed?
    • Will all damages to the unit be repaired prior to the start of the lease?

REMEMBER: Put all agreements in writing prior to signing the agreement.

  • Will off-street parking be provided?
    • Is there an additional cost?
    • How many parking spots are allocated per unit?
    • Is off-street parking guaranteed for all tenants?
    • Are there any restrictions on parking?
    • If off-street parking is not available, is a Residence Parking Permit/ sticker required to park on the street near the residence?

REMEMBER: Put all agreements in writing prior to signing the agreement.

  • Is there a "joint and several liability" clause in the agreement?
    • Most leases do, which means each individual tenant can be held responsible for the entire lease amount. Make sure you trust that all your roommates will pay their share of the rent on time each month, otherwise you may be held responsible!
    • If you will be signing a lease with others, it would be very beneficial to sign a roommate contract .Does the landlord allow subrental?
    • If yes, do they require written permission?
    • Make sure the remaining roommates are comfortable having your room sublet.
    • When trying to find a subrental/find roomates, contact Non Resident Mangement Unit who can assist you in advertising the available room/unit.
  • Does the landlord allow pets?
    • Are there any restrictions on what type of pets are allowed in the unit?
    • Is there any numbers limit for cat?
    • Is there an additional monthly rent for having a pet?
    • Is a pet deposit required?
    • If so, is the deposit refundable?
  • Make sure you are guaranteed and get the actual unit you signed your agreement for.
    • Make sure you do not just view a model apartment, but you make sure to view the actual unit you are signing the agreement for.
  • Make sure the unit is guaranteed to be available and ready the first day of the agreement term.
    • What time can you pick up your house keys on the first day of the rent?
    • Where do you pick up your house keys?
  • Is the landlord willing to do a walk-through with you the first day of the rental to make sure all damages have been repaired and the unit is in a satisfactory condition?
    • If they are willing to do so, set up a date and time.
  • What utilities  are the tenants responsible for paying?
    Note: Tenants are typically responsible for paying the electric and telecomunication bills. Landlords often pay the water bill, but they have a right to charge tenants for this if that is their policy.
    • If you are going to be living in one of multiple units in a house, how does the landlord determine your share of the bills?
    • Will the landlord bill you the actual charges each month for utilities or will he/she provide estimates each month?
      • If they will provide estimates, is it possible that they would underestimate the costs, and you could potentially owe more money at the end of the lease term?

REMEMBER: You have every right to request a copy of all utility bills from your landlord.