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Finding A Place To Live

Non Resident Management Unit (Off-Campus) works with local landlords around the campus and Klang Valley areas. Landlords list their properties with UPNR on a voluntary basis . These properties are then advertised on our on-line housing search. These listings are not approved or endorsed by the University or UPNR, so please make sure to take the same precautions you would with any rental property. In addition, UPNR hosts an annual Housing Fair (NR Days), typically each at the bigining of semester. To download the latest version of the Off-Campus Living Guide, a comprehensive guide on how to have a successful off-campus living experience, visit the Non Resident (Off-Campus) Living Guide (PDF).


On-Line Housing Search

To do an on-line housing search, click here. If you are interested in a particular listing, contact the landlord directly to get further information regarding the unit, and potentially set up an appointment to view the place.

Because of the variation in the quality of housing in Shah Alam, it is highly recommended that you do not commit yourself to a place without seeing it first. In addition, never sign a lease without getting a free lease review from the Non Resident Mangement Unit.