Here some facilities provided at Prima Siswa Complex.

  • Lounge

 NR Lounge are welcome to study, chat and play games with friends at Kompleks Prima Siswa.

  • Seminar Room/ Student Activity Room

Seminar Room is located at first floor. This seminar room provided if you want make a seminar,meeting, gathering and talk for your friends. Please ask our staff at UPNR office for booking this room. This seminar rooms can catters for maximum 50 student (classroom style).

  • Indoor games

Some of the Indoor Games is provided to all Non Resident Student such as Pool Table, Foss-ball, Darts, Carrom and some board games. Comes and play together with your friend for free.

  •  Musollah

Musollah is provided to student prays within classes gap. Men Musollah is located at the first floor and Women Musollah is located at second floor. All the musollah is air-condition.



  • Day lockers

Day Lockers is provided to all students. You can use this services to keep your belonging, books or other things while you attending your class. get the lockers key at the office. This services is started at 8.00 a.m and will end at 11.00 pm.



UPNR provides several in-office computers with Internet access for the purpose of searching the UPNR website for housing. Commuters visiting the office are welcome to use the computers for applications involving the Internet. Students with laptops who wish to connect via LAN to the UiTM system may do so at any one of several ports in the lounge. We also provide Wireless Connection (wifi) at this buliding.