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NR Student Living Handbook

Download e-book for NR Student Living Handbook

NR Guides

The following links provide information and resources to enhance the UiTM non resident campus living experience. You will find information regarding your rights and responsibilities as an UiTM student, tenant, and community member; guidelines for each step of the leasing process; a budget worksheet; and other useful information.

Housing Renting Guides

Non Resident (Off-Campus) Management Unit assists students, faculty and staff to help locate off-campus housing in Shah Alam areas. In addition, UPNR provides roommate services, sublet services, legal referrals, NR Commuter service, among virtually any other resource dealing with living off-campus

Roomate Searching Guide

We hope that you find the online search beneficial and are able to locate potential roommates.

Landloard Resources

Non Resident (Off-campus) Management Unit (UPNR) is the central location for students, faculty and staff searching for off-campus housing. Non Resident (Off-campus) Management Unit (UPNR) keeps in contact with local landlords around the campus and Shah Alam areas. Landlords can register with Non Resident (Off-campus) Management Unit (UPNR) for a free.

NR Officer Duty Roaster

Non Resident Officer Duty roaster after office hour.