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Benefits and Responsibilities of living off-campus

Moving off-campus can be an adventure. Living away from residence halls entails many new benefits, challenges and responsibilities. If you like privacy, independence and the chance to pick your own roommates than living off campus may be the right choice for you! With the adventure that comes with living off campus come the increased responsibilities such as paying for your rent and utilities/ we hope this guide will serve as a handy tool as you go through the process of finding your own place off-campus!

UiTM Expectations

NR students living off-campus have the opportunity to live more independently with increased rights and responsibilities as a student, tenant and community member. For many students this is their first time living in an independent environment within a residential community. Students’ understanding of their rights and responsibilities in this regard may be a foreign concept. However, students must remember that they are no longer living in housing provided exclusively for students, but rather a diverse community that consists of a wide variety of residents. The neighborhoods are home to families, young professionals, retired couples and other types of neighbors. UConn students need to keep these neighbors and their rights in mind while they are living off-campus. While attending UiTM, students are representing the University and have the responsibility to ensure to conduct themselves and their guests in a manner consistent with 174 Act (University Act)