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UPNR Roommate Search Safety And Tips

Personal Safety 

Please keep in mind that not everyone can be trusted! Follow your instincts and do not room with someone you do not trust.

It can be beneficial to meet the potential roommate(s) in person before signing any contracts. Meet the roommate(s) in a public, well-lit area. Ask to see some form of identification, such as a driver's license or BUCK*ID, to make sure the person is really who they say they are.

If you are concerned about potential roommates' finances, ask to do a credit check on them. If they are not comfortable giving out their personal information, contact the landlord to ask if they have ever been late on rent.

Do not hand over money to any potential roommate until you are comfortable with the arrangement. NEVER HAND OVER CASH! Always leave a paper trail (check or money order).

Make sure the landlord is aware that you will be residing at this unit. Sign a lease with the landlord.


Sign a Roommate Contract

Tips For Choosing A Roommate

Your happiness in your living environment is directly related to your relationship with your roommate. Personal problems with roommates can cause unneeded distress in your life. Remember that friends are not always the best roommates. Friends may take advantage of the situation by borrowing your CD's or clothes without asking, or they may not clean up their mess if they think you will clean it for them. If the roommate relationship becomes strained, you may lose a friend as well as a roommate.

Here are some tips on ensuring that you and your roommate(s) have a quality living experience together: