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Roommate Resources

Non Resident (Off-Campus) Management Unit (UPNR) has a variety of roommate resources for students. Whether you have housing and need a roommate, want to sublet your room in a multi-bedroom unit, or you simply need housing and are seeking to live with other students, UPNR can assist in your roommate search.

UPNR strongly urges students to sign a Roommate Contract with all roommates, even if you are friends prior to living together. A Roommate Contract allows one to be clear on expectations from the very beginning in order to avoid conflicts later on. It is also highly recommended that you download the latest version of the Non Rseident Living Guide, a comprehensive guide on how to have a successful off-campus living experience.

Non Resident (Off-Campus) Management Unit (UPNR) also provides mediation services to those roommates having issues. Please note, mediation is a service we offer, but we cannot make any student attend the mediation; this is only on a voluntary basis.

In addition, NR Days are held at least every semester in the UPNR office. This informal event gives students a chance to meet potential roommates face-to-face. If you are in need of any roommate service, please let Non Resident (Off-Campus) Management Unit (UPNR) help.