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NR Days (Housing Fair)


Non Resident (Off-Campus) Management Unit (UPNR) hosts NR Days (Housing Fair), typically held in opening semester. Only registered landlords are permitted to attend this event. Invitations and registration for the Nr Days (Housing Fair) are sent out each end of the semester. Landlords can attend one day or both days.

We generally see anywhere from 1500 to 2000 students throughout the two day event. The NR Days (Housing Fair) gives students, faculty and staff a chance to gather information from various landlords, businesses and other off-campus housing entities in order to make an informed decision regarding their living arrangements for the upcoming academic year. We not only invite landlords, but also other Unit like University Vehicle Unit to show bus routes tenants can take to get to and from UiTM, Health Unit, Financial Welfare Unit, and many others companies.

If you are interested in attending this year's NR Days(Housing Fair), please register with us. If you are a landlord and are interested in attending the Housing but are not registered with UPNR, you would need to register with the office prior to registering for the NR Days (Housing Fair).