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Landlords Registration Benefits

Registration has many benefits.

  1. Your properties will be advertised on our on-line housing search as well as in our housing listing publications that are distributed to students.
    • 24 hours a day access to our online housing search.
    • Your available properties will be advertised during orientation, HEP Open Days, various college presentations, and any other event that UPNR participates in.
  2. You will be invited to attend the NR Days (Housing Fair).
  3. Mediation services will be offered to any registered landlord and their student tenant.

Non Resident (Off-Campus) Management Unit (UPNR) is a great resource center for those seeking off-campus housing  arround Shah Alam area. UPNR has an on-line housing search, found at , which displays information on available properties including rent, location, amenities, and even pictures. This information is also found in packets which are distributed to students, faculty and staff.

Once you have registered with our office, your properties will immediately become part of our on-line housing search.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to update your listings and/or let us know which of your units are available and which are occupied. All landlords will be provided with a housing code. This is just an added option, but if you feel more comfortable having UPNR make necessary changes for your advertisements, please continue to call/email our office with the appropriate information.

NOTE: Landlords registering with our office also agree that they will participate in good faith mediation (either here or with another mediator agreed upon by both parties) when disputes arise between them and student tenants. Either the landlord or the student may initiate such mediation, and failure to participate in good faith can result in cancellation of your registration. Cancellation of registration may also occur if there are outstanding complaints filed that continue to be unresolved.