Landlord Resources

Non Resident (Off-campus) Management Unit (UPNR) is the central location for students, faculty and staff searching for off-campus housing. Non Resident (Off-campus) Management Unit (UPNR) keeps in contact with local landlords around the campus and Shah Alam areas. Landlords can register with Non Resident (Off-campus) Management Unit (UPNR) for a free.

 For a quote on pricing to register with UPNR, please contact the office at 603-55443965. We ask that you have the total number of units your company owns and/or manages when inquiring so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Non Resident (Off-campus) Management Unit (UPNR) also offers mediation services for registered landlords who are having issues with their tenant(s) and are seeking a neutral third party to mediate. At the same token, registered landlords also agree to participate in good faith mediation if a student tenant requests mediation between the two parties.

All registered landlords are also invited to attend the annual NR Days (Housing Fair), typically held in opening semester. This two day event is well attended, with over 1500 students and parents who come to speak with the various attendees. Nr Days is a great chance to talk to potential tenants one-on-one. Invitations for the NR Days are sent end of the semester.

These are just a few of the benefits of being a registered landlord with Non Resident (Off-campus) Management Unit (UPNR) .

If you are interested in registering with the office, please continue on with the Registration Process. For register, call us at +603-55443965.


Landlords Registration Benefits

NR Days (Housing Fair)