Non Resident Mangement Unit as known as UPNR (previously it combine with Hostel Facility Unit -UKKNR) is a unit under Student Affairs And Alumni Department (HEP). This unit normally will help NR student for seaching houses around Shah Alam area. It also helping NR student welfare. UPNR offically operating their services at Kompleks Teratai 1 on 4 April 2006. This unit is lead by 1 NR Manager, assist by 2 NR assistant Manager, 2 general clark and 3 office assistants. Now, this unit is directly reported to Deputy Vice Canselor (Student Affair and Alumni) since the restuctural Student Affair Department on August 2008. This unit is located at Prima Siswa Complex that between Melati Hostel and Teratai Hostel near Dataran Cendekia. All Non Resident business started on 8.00 am till 5.30 pm at level 1, Prima Siswa Complex.

Services that provided by NR:

  1. Housing Databse for NR Student Prepare a Rental guideline and sefety guideline.
  2. Assisting on student programme/ activities and comunity.
  3. Giving a approval on car stiker application.
  4. Guide a meeting with Comunity Commitee Members/ Mosque/ and local authorities.
  5. Carering Visit to NR student rentals.
  6. Advisoring NR student who need help.
  7. Become a middle person between student family and landlord/university and also organize a NR Open Day.