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    Services that provided by NR:

    1. Housing Databse for NR Student
    2. Prepare a Rental guideline and sefety guideline.
    3. Assisting on student programme/ activities and comunity.
    4. Giving a approval on car stiker application.
    5. Guide a meeting with Comunity Commitee Members/ Mosque/ and local authorities.
    6. Carering Visit to NR student rentals.
    7. Advisoring NR student who need help.
    8. Become a middle person between student family and landlord/university and also organize a NR Open Day.
    9. Suspended Meal for poor student


    There are some facilities is offered to the NR student.The first facilities is Kompleks Prima Siswa that located inside the campus. Kompleks Prima Siswa have a lounge that is a great place to hang out while on campus. It includes a large screen television, day lockers, information racks, bulletin board, pool table, foosball, indoor games, mussolah student activity room.

    The second facilities is NR Student Service Centre that located outside of the campus. This centre is located at Seksyen 7 Commercial Centre. It includes free internet surfing (wired and wifi), self service loundry, small lounge and many more. Hopefully all NR student can enjoy using all the facilities.


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